M/V Fria
project name

M/V Fria

3’200 dwt / 9,5 kn / 2 x 60 mts

Ship name M/V FRIA
Call sign 9HA2874
IMO number 9474981
Flag state Malta
Shipyard Respec Arkadas Yard
Year/Place of build 2013/Groningen
Class Bureau Veritas
Class notation I  HULL  MACH
General cargo ship,
Heavy Cargo, Unrestricted
Navigation, AUT UMS, IWS
Eqpd. for carr. of containers
Fitted for bulk cargoes
Fitted for IMO under deck
P&I Club Gard AS
DWAT 3906 mt (summer draught)
DWCC Abt. 3200 mt
Gross tonnage 3040
Netto tonnage 1397
Length over all 80.10 m
Length between p.p. 77.30 m
Breadth over all 15.00 m
Summer draught 5.85 m
Depth moulded/to upper deck  7.20 m
Hight form keel to top mast 29.20 m
Hold/hatches sizes
Number of holds/hatches 1/1
Hold capacity without tweendeck Abt. 5114 m3/180599 ft3
Hold capacity with tweendeck Abt. 4531 m3/160000 ft3
Lower hold dimensions 53.40 x 11.00 m, last 5.30 m
fwd narrw. to 6.65 m width
Tweendeck dimensions 53.40 x 11.00 m, last 5.30 m
fwd narrw. to 8.30 m width
Weather deck dimensions 54.60 x 11.30 m, last 5.90 m
fwd narrw. to 8.30 m width
Hold height 8.54 m

Tanktop/Tweendeck height Low position: 2.72/5.43 m
 High position: 5.55/2.60 m
Tanktop floor surface 585 m2
Tweendeck deck floor surface 590 m2
Weatherdeck floor surface 593 m2
Deck loads
Tanktop 17.0 mt/m2
Tweendeck 1.5mt/m2
Hatch covers 1.2 mt/m2
Container capacity
Hold capacity 96 TEU
Deck capacity  69 TEU
Reefer capacity 20 reefer plugs on deck
10 reefer plugs on deck
Type of hatchcovers 9 pontoon hatch covers
Tweendeck panels 13 removable panels
Main Engine MaK 6M25
Propeller type Variable pitch
Main engine output 1980 kW
Bow thruster 200 kW
Service speed 9.5 kn
Bunkers/Water capacity
HFO 309 m3
MGO 56 m3
LO 15 m3
Fresh water 66 m3
Ballast water 2301 m3
Cargo gear
Cranes on port side 2 x Liebherr WLL 60 mt
Load/Outreach 60 mt in 4.0-12.0 m
 40 mt in 2.10-20.0 m
 Tandem load  Up to 120 mt
 All details are believed to
be correct but without guarantee.