project name


3400 dwt / 11 kn / m2 runners

Ship name M/V Oceanic
Call sign PBYH
IMO number 9624550
Flag state The Netherlands
Shipyard Shipkits Yard
Year/Place of build 2012/Groningen
Class Bureau Veritas
Class notation I  HULL  MACH
General cargo ship,
Heavy Cargo, Unrestricted
Navigation, AUT  UMS
Approved for open top
IMO fitted under deck
Grain fitted
DWAT 3400 mt
DWCC Abt. 3100 mt
Gross tonnage 2989
Netto tonnage 896
Length over all 92.90 m
Length between p.p. 84.99 m
Breadth over all 15.00 m
Summer draught 5.00 m
Depth moulded  7.40 m
Depth to main deck/uppe deck 5.50 m/10.00 m
Hight form keel to top mast 28.47 m
Hold/hatches sizes
Number of holds/hatches 1/1
Capacity without tweendeck  Abt. 6.197 m3/218.862 ft3
Lower hold dimensions 53.90 x 12.00 m
Tweendeck dimensions 69.30 x 12.50 m
Weather deck dimensions 87.00 x 15.00 m
Hold height 8.30 m
Tanktop/Tweendeck height 3.20/4.60 m
Tanktop floor surface 647 m2
Tweendeck deck floor surface 866 m2
Weatherdeck floor surface 1264 m2
 Tanktop narrowing in fore
and aft part.
Tweendeck narrowing in
fore part.

Deck loads
Tanktop 15.0 mt/m2
Tweendeck steel area 12.0 mt/m2
Tweendeck pontoons 2.5 mt/m2
Hatch covers 3.4 mt/m2
Container capacity
Hold & deckcapacity 304 TEU
Type of hatchcovers Pontoon hatches
Tweendeck panels 6 removable panels
Main Engine Wärtsilä 6L20
Propeller type Variable pitch
Main engine output 1200 kW
Bow thruster 300 kW
Stern thruster 250 kW
Service speed 11.0 kn
Bunkers/Water capacity
MGO 230 m3
Fresh water 73 m3
Ballast water 1770 m3
All details are believed to be correct but without guarantee.